Aimee Bucher is a life purpose coach who supports adults and teens discovering their potential and possibility. She believes the greatest change in the world happens as a result of single, individual shifts in mindset and perspective.

Aimee is currently writing her next book, “Wayfinding for Teens: Navigating the Seas of Your Life” and speaks to teenagers about core values, energy leadership, and discerning their life purpose(s).

She is passionate about creating safe, judgement-free zones where people feel empowered and accepted. Aimee likes to use the phrase, “Professional Encourager” to describe what she does.

In addition to coaching, Aimee is a marketing consultant, actress, classically trained pianist, and mother of four children, ages 11–20. She is frequently found laughing, singing, and/or hugging everyone in the room.


Aimee Bucher