Angela Reiner is Founder, Happiness Coach + Consultant of The Flourishing Co. based in Half Moon Bay, CA. She offers personalized coaching grounded in positive psychology, coined “the science of happiness.” With a compassionate approach, she supports her clients to craft new pathways forward to achieve their goals, live their dreams, and meaningfully flourish in their work and lives. She is passionate about facilitating positive change and loves to see her clients make pivotal shifts to become most aligned with their potential.

She offers a variety of services in improving individual and collective well-being through life coaching, corporate consulting, yoga, workshops, and training. She holds a master’s degree in positive organizational development and change and certifications in positive psychology and coaching.

Angela deeply believes that we can create a ripple effect of positive change within our families, teams, organizations, and communities when we are empowered to shine as our most authentic selves. Together, we are shifting the narrative from “me” to “we” with the understanding that we as individuals have the capacity to flourish in our own well-being, but together we can co-create a flourishing world for each other.


Angela Reiner