Asha Lalai


WOHASU Happiness Ambassador Netherlands, Chapter Director Action for Happiness Nederland and One Billion Happy

Asha Lalai is a social-driven entrepreneur with the higher purpose of increasing awareness about the highest level of human growth: happiness. Over the last 19 years, Asha has shared her insights and vision on issues related to happiness. She has become a leader, passionate speaker, life and business happiness trainer and the initiator of a growing happiness movement.

In 2015, Asha was appointed by Professor Lord Richard Layard and Mark Williamson of the worldwide Action for Happiness movement to serve as the founding director of the Dutch chapter.

Recently, Asha was also appointed by Mo Gawdat, Executive at Google X and author of Solve for Happy, to work together on the mission:

Her personal happiness journey includes professional work experience, interest for scientific knowledge, deeply rooted interest in ancient wisdom, and teachings to more than thousands individuals over the years. Her work has inspired her to understand that many personal lives, organizations and societies are based upon the false persuasion that, our life circumstances are the key to happiness and happiness comes from (financial) success.

Asha is convinced that if we use the scientific knowledge about the causes of happiness, which adds significantly to ancient wisdom, we could raise the collective awareness of happiness and contribute to a greater happiness for a greater number of people in their lives at home, at work, in society and beyond.

Asha has been an independent advisor and trainer since 1998 to CEO’s, entrepreneurs and leaders on personal and business growth. As part of this role, she works on happiness related projects in the field of: Social Innovation, Business & Human development, Leadership, Employee Engagement and Customer-Happiness.


Asha Lalai