Aska Naito is a Certified Leadership Coach and Cross-Cultural Human Dynamics Expert who works with leaders and professionals around the world to find their intrinsic mode of Self-Leadership. Through her SELF-LEADERSHIP MASTERY program of assessing, decluttering, and aligning to your True Core of Being, you will rediscover the WHYs in your professional and personal life to transition into your fundamental resonance of ultimate “being”. Her laser-sharp intuitive diagnostics dives into your work + life harmony by incorporating holistic wellness-centric assessments specifically designed to integrate all areas of your life through new and ancient knowledge, powerfully driven purpose “ikigai”, efficiency and happiness. Only from a place of clarity and self-awareness can we begin to lead impactfully; a prerequisite to lead ourselves and others in all situations.
Born in Tokyo and raised in a family of successful business leaders, she has relocated over 30 times to 21 cities across 3 continents, currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. Her vast multicultural background and career experiences are innately embedded in her signature coaching programs, a curation of Eastern and Western philosophies, discoveries, mind/body/spirit integration with mindfulness and easy-to-do daily practices. Aska supports her client’s journey as she gently creates a safe space to uncover and rediscover their true magnificent Self. She believes in every human’s birth right to be seen heard, acknowledged and to thrive. With over 20+ years of experience in training, educating, empowerment and holistic living, her ultimate goal is for everyone to lead a healthy, joyful and passionate life with true authentic harmony.


Aska Naito