Barbara Geels Dingle

After being diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in 2017, Barbara Geels Dingle has completely changed her life and you can too! Cancer gave her the courage to create the life she wants, filled with much more joy and happiness.

She has taken the valuable lessons from her cancer journey and has turned them into practical and easy to implement strategies to support others as they take a step towards creating a more fulfilling life.

Barbara has a professional background as a leadership consultant and certified executive/life coach with expertise in developing and implementing innovative client programs and projects that maximize market share and overall success. She received her coach training and certification from The Co-Active Training Institute and is also certified in Conscious Business Coaching, a methodology developed by Fred Kofman, author of Conscious Business and the Meaning Revolution.

Over her career she has had great success leading cross-functional and virtual teams to achieve client and firm goals. while adhering to all outlined budgets, timelines, and quality standards. As a professional, she is known for her ability to integrate personal experiences and self-awareness into client relationships, leading to fruitful partnerships and high satisfaction ratings.

As a breast cancer survivor, she created a breakthrough business, that offers pay-what-you-can tailored and caring coaching for individuals facing cancer. In doing so, she applies life and business coaching skills to help those battling the disease understand the diagnosis, develop skills to coping with and managing treatment, and support throughout the fight.

Barbara was born and raised in the Netherlands. She has always had an adventurous spirit and a curiosity about the world and a passion for travel. She speaks English, Dutch and French. She has lived in Greece, France, the Bahamas and finally landed in Miami, Florida where she settled in 2005.


Barbara Geels Dingle