Don Knagge

As an Executive Leadership, and Personal Coach, Don identifies individual’s and teams’ natural talents, styles, and driving forces to co-create and align confidence, and competence into action plans that better leverage those talents for career & personal success and a more satisfying, happy and successful life.

Well known for his curiosity, asking the right questions, strong business acumen, and being resourceful, Don facilitates and influences forward movement with an organization’s planning process by inspiring and engaging key stakeholders toward greater results and reaching goals. Don uses his personal and professional background to coach and develop self-mastery and personal power in executives, business owners, emerging leaders, and in organization to optimize sustainability in their Leadership, Performance and Transitions.

Don is best known for his unique approach to revitalizing organizations through game-changing turnarounds, dramatically improving the health of the corporate culture and creating an environment for sustainable growth and goal achievement.

Working with Don, you can expect that he’ll be able to help you identify the gap between where you are today and where you want to be. He will help you understand what you really want, why you’re really want it, and how to confidently take action to get it.


Don Knagge