Dr. Sandro Formica

International Speaker, Author & Professor

Embracing his unconventional path in academia and life, Sandro Formica, Ph.D., lives every day in full commitment to his Life Purpose, “To integrate the science of happiness in firms, educational institutions and governments.” For that reason, he created a business format that aligns personal development processes with the goals and mission of positive organizations. Sandro’s work aims at increasing individual and organizational performance based on applied, scientific evidence.

Sandro contributed to the development, analysis and testing of a strategic management model named “Co-Alignment” and modified it to integrate values, talents, imagination and purpose in the context of positive organizations managed by self-aware executives.

Sandro has provided consulting and executive education services to global and regional hotel corporations such as ACCOR and Intercontinental, coordinated transnational European Union projects in hospitality and tourism, and conducted “Think Tanks” with leading decision-makers in the Middle East, New Zealand, France, Spain, Italy, and the U.S.

As an academic, he published in international peer-reviewed journals on human motivational factors and behavioral decision-making in the context of travel, executive education needs, United States vs. Europe education systems, and predictability of human preferences in future global travel. His research papers were presented at several international conferences, such as the World Business Congress and the Quality of Life World Conference.

Currently, Sandro teaches The Science of Happiness and Personal Empowerment at Florida International University. Also, he teaches The Economics of Happiness in selected European universities.

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Dr. Sandro Formica