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Kelly Lei works with people and organizations to grow into their full potential. By working under her guidance, Kelly’s clients are able to level-up their career and organization, while finding fulfillment and balance in life. She’s passionate about education, conscious leadership, culture building, equal opportunities and building a sustainable world.

Kelly is an accomplished entrepreneur, strategist, team leader, engineer and program manager. She had managed multi-million-dollar programs in Raytheon, received multiple corporate and regional operational excellence awards by reducing costs and improving organization efficiency. In her decade working in the engineering industry, she has presented at tech conferences, led enterprise-wide projects, coached teams using Six Sigma methodologies, founded employee resource groups and served as the president and on the board of several diversity councils. In 2012, she started her own business, Glocal Network, and she has optimized it in 2017 to become FIRE (financially independent and retired-early). It was then she realized the importance of happiness at work regardless of having your own business or working for an organization.

In an effort to find more meaning in her work (after her life crisis), she coached and taught competition-level Math at Doral Academy. She led her teams to a regional first place finish for the first time in school history. At the same time, she started her coaching and consulting business to work with business leaders to grow their business. She considers that coaching as her calling and it was serendipity that she joined Delivering Happiness.

Fun fact:

She didn’t know how to speak English when she first moved to the US at the age of 12 and was afraid of public speaking, but she now loves public speaking on “Creating a Business as an Extension to Our Life”, “Living with PurposeS”, “Finding Confidence”, “Creating Happy Work” and “Generous Living”.

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