I’m passionate about helping people improve their well-being. My mother was very ill when I was a teen, so after getting my PhD in chemistry, I devoted much of my career to pharmaceutical discovery with 13 publications and 23 patent applications. Several years ago, I had a serious health scare and soon after, my daughter was hospitalized for several weeks. Together, our family rebuilt our lives from surviving to thriving, so I decided to study well-being enhancement by getting a master’s degree in positive psychology. This experience and education paved the way for my transition to professional coaching and I founded Thriving Through Adversity Coaching.

I also coach at The Brightening Center in Exton PA, to support parents of children in recovery from eating disorders or substance use. By focusing on the parent’s confidence and hope as caregivers, to support their own well-being during a challenging time, they can successfully lead their family to thriving.


Lara Kallander