Paula Fitzgerald Boos

Paula built the first 20 years of her coaching business supporting professionals and leaders in creating greater success and satisfaction in their work. She still loves the spaces of transitions that hold the questions, “How do I become a more effective leader?” and “What do I want to be when I grow up—this time?” She has walked with people from most industries, functions and demographics to support them in finding joy and fulfillment in their vocation.

Her passionate belief that we all deserve to flourish at work led her to design and teach a professional development class in the MBA program at Seattle University. The majority of her work is as an executive coach and leadership facilitator. She especially likes working with leaders in non-profits, and smaller or family owned companies.

The question that began engaging her more and more in the past 10 years is “WHO do you want to be as you grow older?” This new dimension of walking with 50+ year-olds as they choose to be intentional in designing their life’s next chapter is rich and rewarding.

Outside work she loves being mom to six adult children, wife and friend; walking, gardening, reading all kinds of things, learning about positive psychology, and most of all she loves coaching and witnessing the changes her clients create for themselves.


Paula Fitzgerald Boos