S Ranganath

Ranganath aka Ranga is a global citizen; with an upbringing in a traditional Indian family amidst Vedic philosophy and culture, and shaped by a scientific education and globetrotting adult years. As he puts it “the global stage taught me the healing powers of humor and EQ in social connections.”

Based in Dubai, UAE, he founded Magma Consultants, and enjoys global exposure via consulting in his passion domains of hospitality, tourism and wellness.

Ranga is a firm believer in Wellbeing for All; he teaches Laughter Yoga and Meditation at his studio, centers for special needs, community events, gives talks and promotes wellness @workplace.

A free-thinker and manifestor, he has been practicing Meditation for over 40 years and immersed himself in teachings of Vedic Masters, Yoga, TM, Mindfulness, Laughter and Buddhism. Inspired by his inner breakthrough moments, Ranga has developed his own form of Meditation, aptly called LAAF. My vision and purpose, he says, “is to make Meditation less overwhelming and more a joyous quality to a better life.”


S Ranganath