I’m the Coach on-the-go. Life’s a journey. The journey is life. Enthusiasm, curiosity and joy: life is a journey of never-ending discovery.

We can always improve and connect to the truest part of ourselves. Sometimes we just need somebody to reach out to us and guide us along the way to discover happiness inside ourselves.
The richness of our life lives somewhere deep within. Coaching is for me guiding people deep inside their beings to discover precious treasures.

I have translated my years of experience as a learning designer and tutor at the University of Parma (Italy), speaking multiple languages, living abroad, scuba diving around the world’s oceans and coaching into a framework called HappYfulness@ (happiness, playfulness, mindset) and have founded C.A.S.H.@ (Consciousness, Action, Serendipity, Habits) methodology.

Life Coach, Soft Skills and Business Coach. Founder of Energy4Performance business training methodology.
Laughter Meditation Coach, co-founder of “All You Need Is Laugh” at the University of Parma (Italy) to help students and other people find their true happy approach to life by laughter energy.
Co-founder of HappYfulness Academy for vocational, individual and group training.
Life Designer: facilitator for Awareness & Life Skills qualified to apply the fundamental techniques of method “The codes” – My Life Design® Model by Daniel Lumera.


Sara Valla