Sharon Aiko Manno

President of the European Business School (EEG)

Sharon studied “International Relations” and holds two Masters: “International Economics and Development Studies” (Sophia University /Tokyo) and “Strategic Affairs” (Australian National University / Canberra).

As a career diplomat, she served in exceptional international settings, devoted to multilateral development affairs especially in Asia. Her main contribution was designing, and leading strategies aimed at the successful implementation of international cooperation projects.

After more than 15 years of diplomatic exposure (United Nations, Japan, Australia), and dedication to the academia as a university professor of terrorism and political violence, Sharon shifted careers to Business Education, to promote good habits and sustainable behavioral changes that improve productivity, quality and profit.

She passionately embraces the idea that the greatest transformation begins with oneself. “When we are self-aware and we have a growth mindset, extraordinary opportunities open up. My purpose is to contribute in the creation of the right conditions at the workplace so that people can thrive, own their happiness and succeed”.

As a consultant, coach and trainer, Sharon has provided executive education services and conferences to global and local corporations in very varied sectors such as banking, insurance, tourism, education, commerce, health, and retail. She has worked with Nestlé, KPMG, the Inter-American Development Bank, Cemex and Club Med, among others.

She has focused her consulting interventions on the creation of both functional and emotional value for the people, especially in very challenging organizations such as those in the hospitality industry. Her favorite topics are leadership, mindfulness and the “science of happiness”.


Sharon Aiko Manno