I’m the Gentle Transformation Coach: energy, courage and confidence.
Listening and kindness are the unique paths allowing us to authentically get in touch with people.

I have been deeply scuba diving in the blue around the world’s ocean to look for happiness, I found it inside myself. I have become aware I wanted to share with others the change key strategies that have been crucial for me.
I foster people transformation and discovery of their inner self by carefully listening and guiding them through a mix of approaches and practices, which are specifically tailored to the context and to each individual’s needs: breath and relaxation awareness, laughter energy, plunge into nature and landscapes, walking, diving, mindfulness and consciousness practices.

Life Coach, Walking Coach, Sport and Soft Skills Coach.
Founder of “Happy Walking” (La camminata felice).
Laughter Meditation Coach, co-founder of “All You Need Is Laugh” at the University of Parma (Italy) to help people find their true happy approach to life by laughter energy.
Co-founder of HappYfulness Academy for vocational, individual and group training.
Wellness Walking Instructor, Scuba Diving Instructor.
Life Designer: facilitator for Awareness & Life Skills qualified to apply the fundamental techniques of method “The codes” – My Life Design® Model by Daniel Lumera.


Stefano Colombari