Arnaud Collery

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Chief Happiness Officer, Emotional Dj, Storyteller

Arnaud Collery is a multifaceted coach, entertainer, emcee, comedian, filmmaker, entrepreneur, and innovator. He is known as a catalyst for personal and organizational change - France's first Chief Happiness Officer. Armed with his unique brand of humor and a toolbox of skills, he travels the world fostering growth in individuals and organizations. He believes in the transformative power of our stories, the contagious potency of Happiness and a deep commitment to Passion. Arnaud works with individuals and companies to implement his ideas in concrete ways, changing lives for the better across the globe. Arnaud's corporate coaching methods are rooted in emotional intelligence and will boost overall performance, motivate, engage and help you to retain valuable talent. This results-based approach will transform your culture and your most valuable resource - your human capital - increasing engagement, enhancing communication, and boosting morale. Arnaud is also the Founder of The Co-founder of He has started the first 8 days course in becoming a Chief Happiness Officer in both Aruba in English and in French in Paris. He is based in NY and his clients are Cartier, Dior, Novartis, Careem, and United Nations.
"You are the hero of your own life". - A.C.



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