Karen Guggenheim



Karen is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of WOHASU, and Co-Founder of the World Happiness Summit. WOHASU is dedicated to increasing awareness of happiness as a life choice, a human right and an enabler of human development and social innovation. WOHASU brings together game-changers and researchers focused on how to improve Gross National, Social and Personal Happiness. Stepping into this role is an evolution of her extensive career arc, which includes editorial board work with The Miami Herald, strategic communications and integrated marketing expertise with C-Level executives as well as worldwide brands and a personal passion for making a happier world through helping create endeavors that teach happiness practices one person at a time. Under her leadership, WOHASU was recently awarded with the “Key of the City of Miami” by the Miami Mayor and the members of the Miami City Commission, and inaugurated the first World Happiness Summit in Miami on March 16-19, 2017. The Summit welcomed an average of 1,250 daily attendees from over 30 countries around the world and 40 states in the United States. Participants gathered to listen to more than 50 experts in the different disciplines that compose happiness and wellbeing to learn about mindfulness, elevated consciousness, corporate happiness and civic wellbeing, as well as how to increase personal happiness through daily, scientifically proven practices. Karen led the efforts to unite the innovative gathering of government policy makers and leaders, forward-thinking economists, leading academics and entrepreneurs in an unprecedented format around the data-driven science of happiness. She assembled a team of seasoned professionals to execute a hugely successful event that will grow to other cities around the world. It is Karen's goal to champion the WOHASU mission to invest in and support initiatives like the World Happiness Summit as well as make a happier world through such endeavors.
"I choose to keep showing up in my life."



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