Lisa Ferrari



Dr. Lisa Ferrari- Founder & CEO of CLINICALLY HAPPY- Cultivating Generations of Happiness…using data rooted in science to help families to Be Happy + Live Happy + Share Happy Author, Gratitude and Kindness: A Modern Parents Guide to Raising Children in an Era of Entitlement Dr. Lisa Ferrari is a Clinical Psychologist, Author of Gratitude and Kindness: A Modern Parents Guide to Raising Children in an Era of Entitlement, and Founder and CEO of Clinically Happy, a platform in which thousands of children and families have been impacted in her quest to cultivate generations of happiness. Dr. Ferrari actively speaks to the public and to the media. She is often quoted by local and national lifestyle magazines and television such as Canadian Living Magazine, Today’s Parent, Canadian Family, Blush Vancouver Magazine, CTV, iHeart Radio, Global News and more, for sharing her expert advice and tips using happiness-boosting and Positive Psychology principles to help children and families maximize their happiness and resilience. Dr. Ferrari is a big believer in the power of kindness, and is the Founder of Kindness Patrol a celebrated grassroots community initiative which gives kids powerful opportunities to deliver awe-inspiring random kind deeds to perfect strangers. Dr. Ferrari is the Director of a thriving clinic, the Vancouver Psychology Centre. Dr. Ferrari is devoted to sharing what she knows to promote a new way of thinking about mental health- or what has been traditionally called mental illness. Her clinic uses the science of Positive Psychology to highlight and reinforce positive affect, individual strengths and sources. Dr. Ferrari has held positions as an adjunct professor at Adler University and a is Clinical Supervisor at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Ferrari’s clinical specialty is to implement Positive Psychology science and techniques to highlight and develop positive affect and strengths with children, teens and families in the area of forensics family law and mental health treatment.





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